Sep. 19, 2014

Sunday Thoughts... (Originally posted 6/16/14)

Today, I was thinking about the "battles" we get into every day; & how we, sometimes by the minute, pick & choose what we're going to fight for, & what we're going to let go. If you take a second & look back on your day, can you think of any battles you had today? From that person appearing to glare at you as you crossed the room, to that person in the red car that cut you off. In each of those situations, you had the choice, the option, to either go after those people; or you could chalk it up to: a) maybe that person thought they knew you, & realized mid-look that you were NOT the person they thought you were & their face just got the message AFTER you looked; or b) that person was momentarily distracted by their thoughts, or you were in their blind spot. Either way, you had the CHOICE to engage or just "lettigo" (to quote Joey from Friends). True, there ARE people whose entire goal in life is to make everyone around them miserable. Sometimes, it feels like EVERYONE is out to get you...they aren't. Take a breath, & weigh each situation before you speak or act; & maybe, just maybe, your day won't suck as much as you thought. Have a good day & be safe!!!