Sep. 19, 2014

Monday & Tuesday Musings (originally posted 6/17/14)

Mondays I call my "dead days" - it's the the one day in the week am not even available to work. It's when I sleep in & try to "ease in to my day", have coffee & hang with the dog. It's also convenient to schedule Dr appointments, etc. The MOST important part is, it's MY DAY!!! You should always take time for yourself - even if you can't take a day - take an hour, 15 minutes, or a potty break - & just MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!! Breathe deep & be thankful - try & find the balance in your day. Yah, sometimes it's REALLY hard to do, & you may take a few tries to get it; but hey, YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME!!! Every day is a new day - live on, move forward!!! Remember Rafiki in the Lion King? Don't make him hit you over the head with his stick!!! Learn from the past...have a good day & be safe!!!