Feb. 28, 2022

"Excusing Yourself"...

...when you are not being treated properly, is more important than most people realize.

We, especially women, are encouraged to protect other's feelings, at all cost; and to stay.involved in relationships that are very out of balance.

I read once,  "You don't owe ANYONE an interaction."; and it SCREAMED to me. I have it on a sticky note on my desk.

When I get to a point where I feel I am sacrificing myself, and ignoring how a situation really affects me; it's time for me to excuse myself, and assess the situation.

Now, I understand, some situations are a little more complicated - like in a marriage; but if you're trying to do all the work to keep this relationship going, yourself, take a step back. Excuse yourself, and realistically assess your situation; with your partner of they're willing.

If they're not willing, that is a huuuuge "red flag".

Can you relate to any of this?

Have a good day, and be safe... #listen #ibelieveyou #doyouhear

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