Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary (no kill)
501c3 Non-profit
Hours: Tu-F 9a-5p
             Sa - 9a-2p

1859 Depot Rd
Salem, OH 44460

Call to adopt a pet:
Ph - 330-332-4897
Fax - 330-332-1905

Alchemy Acres owns the Whispering Pines Castle, where we hold our annual Artisans Against Domestic Violence Art Exhibit (this year's 5th Annual is Friday, June 26 - from 4:30-8:30pm).

Emily takes good care of both us, and our guests at their beautiful venue, hidden in the woods in Negley - who knew??! I love a good two-fer!!! We help support Alchemy Acres, they help support Ozer Ministries, Inc!!!

Thank you, to Emily and all at Whispering Pines AND Alchemy Acres!!!